About Us

As Sri Lanka's leading and most reliable matrimonial service, Mindada Matrimonial Service, we have arranged for you to find a best matching life partner for your son, daughter, brother, sister, friend or you considering all aspects age, caste, religion, race, education, occupation, income level and many more.

Our Services

We are privileged to present you with the outstanding mindada.lk web application and the Mindada android application with latest technologies taking you to a new era of traditional marriage proposals finding mechanism.

You can enjoy here completely free of charge service starting from beginning to end, receiving request notifications through sms messages, multi language support with Sinhala and English mediums & with many more attractive & refreshing services.

In addition to that we are hoping & planning to provide lots of innovative & cool features through Mindada web & mobile portal in near future. We are honored that you kept your trust with us so far & we hope you will do the same in future as well.

In 649 days

Mindada Accounts 150,000+
Mindada Sent Invitations 900,000+
Mindada SMS 2,100,000+

Our Specialty

Mindada Matrimonial Service has been special from the beginning due to several factors. We are honored to become the first service provider with Sinhala language support for the Matrimonial industry as it was a major deficiency at the time being. Apart from that we were able to become the first and only service provider to send instant request notifications through sms messages to your mobile phone, replacing the unfamiliar email notifications for most Sri Lankan people.

Free of Charge Service

There are numerous matrimonial service providers on the Internet today. But no other provider was able to provide 100% free of charge service from beginning to the end in the process of finding your best matching life partner. Some of the above mentioned other service providers charge a fee upon registration while other providers charge a fee for sending a message. But for Mindada Matrimonial Service, it is a completely free service and there is no registration or message sending fee.

SMS Service

Whether there are numerous matrimonial service providers on the Internet today, there is no provider who supports for free SMS notification system. Although some service providers use email notification services, in Sri Lanka people who use email services are very limited. But when you use Mindada Matrimonial Service, you will receive best matching suggestions & details of the invitations to your mobile phones via sms instantly.

Sinhala, Tamil & English Support

It's becoming very popular using Sinhala language internet services in Sri Lanka today. Which is a great opportunity for the people who lack of english communication skills to use internet services. As Mindada we provide our services in Sinhala, Tamil & English languages which is a great advantage for all the people who use our outstanding services. And our SMS notification system also supports Sinhala, Tamil, English & Singlish mediums.